Gold Investment Calculator

Our Gold Investment Calculator takes into account how much you have to invest, how often you plan on contributing, and what your risk tolerance is. It also allows you to evaluate different investment vehicles. A handy chart shows whether your money will grow over time or even go down!

Whether you’re simply starting out or looking to diversify your portfolio, this calculator can help you identify how much you need to contribute and when in order to meet your goals. It takes into account factors like the frequency of your contributions and risk tolerance to give you a clearer picture of how your investments can grow over time.

Between January 1971 and December 2019, gold had average annual returns of 10.61 percent, which was only slightly behind the return of commodities, with 10.69 percent average annual returns. The annual average return of gold in 2020 was 24.6 percent, which was the second highest return among a range of assets that year, followed by silver which had the highest.

Average annual return of gold and other assets worldwide from 1971 to 2019
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